Jim’s 2010 R/T

-= Founding CFCO member =-

Jim’s 2010 R/T Classic in Plum Crazy Pearl. (Wife calls it “Jim’s Purple Princess”)

Purchased new in March of 2011 from Winter Haven Dodge.

Car modifications include: AFR shaker/TA scoops, Petty’s Garage front and rear strut bars Lowering springs, 14″ front slotted and dimpled rotors, 13.77 rear slotted and dimpled rotors, painted calipers, Moroso overflow and power steering tank, BBK 85mm ported and polished TB, JBL shorty headers, Magnaflow hi flow cats, Thrustmaster high flow cat back system, Petty’s cross member and drive shaft safety loop, more BT bling to remember

Work is always in progress.

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CFCO-Halloween _DSC9677 CFCO stickers _DSC8193 _DSC7299 _DSC7321 1group shot

group shot

_DSC5064 _DSC4934 _DSC4932 Early morning sunrise in HDR _DSC4178

5 thoughts on “Jim’s 2010 R/T”

  1. Jim question about your hurst shifter handle ? I saw that you used a Gunslinger handle how did you get it to fit? I ordered one but they called me to tell me it will not fit the stock location on the hurst shifter, you said that you used a dermal tool to help is the right?

  2. Hey Randy,

    Going very strong and reliable. Car is still my daily driver and have put over 25K miles on her

  3. With the 5.7 (what I have) you can safely run 8 lbs without any engine work. I run JBL shorties and hi flow cats. I also have AF and boost gauges. OSTMike did my tune via email as we don’t have anyone around where that I would trust tuning. Mike gave me both a summer and winter tune as I’m in Florida and the temps can swing rather wide.

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