Great Challenger turn out at Romansa / Papa Bees Longwood

First I would like to thank Steve and Tara for helping round up a bunch of great looking Challengers for their Longwood event.  I think the final Challenger count was 12!  Great having a large number of Challenger owners show up.Hope to see everyone at other upcoming events around Central Florida

I would like to also welcome anyone with any make Challenger to sign up for the site via the “Who we are / How to join” link at the top of the page.   We’re not a club but a place to hang out, meet other owners, offer help, find help and setup other meets around the central part of the state.

By being a part of the site (Free and no obligation) you will have access to the private forums, to post and read.  Why no open enrollment? I run several other very large online communities and it can be hard even with a staff verifying registration to keep out spammers and phising attacks. This way I can vet all members and keep it secure.

Again welcome to the site and again looking forward to meeting other Central Florida Challenger owners at the next event(s)


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