Florida 1/2 Mile shootout

UPDATE –== Looks like Jim C has called the event in regards of us going up there because of weather.  ==-  

UPDATE:  because the drivers have to be there really early and spectators can arrive later, we’re just meeting on site.  Note, spectator entrance fee is $20.  We’ll have our tent setup

A few of our Challenger/Viper owners are attending to participate in the 1/2 mile shootout as well as a few owners helping as their pit/support crew

Jan 21/22nd Jumbolair Airport (www.jumbolair.com) located in Ocala, FL

I’ll be posting more info on where and at what time we will be meeting up for the drive to Ocala shortly.

More info about the even, click here

17 thoughts on “Florida 1/2 Mile shootout”

  1. Not sure which day we are going (will check the weather) but I will be there with my two boys ages 15 & 12. Looking forward to it!

  2. well this is to be our first time out to meet the group so we will be looking to meet you sometime this weekend please let us know where to meet some of you there as we did not get to participate this time we will be there for support

  3. Lauren, no age limit. Adults are $20 per person to spectate and kids under 12 are $10

    Bill, Jim C is running his Viper on Sunday and that’s when everyone will be there. We will have a tent setup and should have blue CFCO pit crew shirts on.

    With that said, it’s been said that this fills up quickly so you may want to get there early on Sunday

  4. I’m heading there now this is the only day I can make it. I’ll have a toddler with me just the two of us and the challenger! Hope to meet some of ya!!! My car has a thin blue line American Flag sticker on rear window say Hi if ya see me!

  5. Got in line and someone else told me cash only to get it they were wrong I would like to thank the gentleman who helped me get in without having to stand in line all over again today was awesome

  6. I just got my credentials to join the site, so just learned about this, next time I will attend and join and meet you guys.

    Have a great Sunday Funday and Drive Safely…

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